Welcome! We are so glad you are here. Pop Star Dogs is all about taking your relationship with your dog to a whole new level. Whether you are thinking about getting a dog, just brought a new pup home, or have had him for years we are here to help!

Located in Lee’s Summit, MO we can come to you, you can come to us, or we can meet somewhere along the way. From loose leash walking to dog reactivity on walks, from sits to impulse control, we can coach you through the simple and the not-so-simple.

We offer a variety of private services: one-on-one sessions, pre- and post-adoption counseling, preparing your dog for the new baby, boarding, and board and train Take a look around and give us a call. We can’t wait to meet you and your dog.



Sam and Sydney

Our dogs love boarding with Heather. She treats them like family.

Mocha and Bailey

I’m pretty sure when the dogs go to Heather’s they feel like they are on vacation too, and we can enjoy our time away because we know the pups are well taken care of and having fun.


Without Heather’s help, Roscoe would not be the happy, healthy dog he is today.


He gets excited when we turn into the driveway since he knows he’s going to have space to run, a great place to rest, and favorite people to play with. And lots of photos and texts while I’m away relieves a bit of the guilt of leaving him when I travel.

Gordon, Henry, Molly, and Bert

We feel so lucky to have such a wonderful place for our dogs to stay when we are out of town. We know they are safe, are having a blast running around, and are well taken care of.


Pop Star dogs gave us the freedom to travel without having to worry about our dog’s well-being. We always know that Bismarck is having the time of his life and enjoying vacation as much as we are.

Cindy and Pat

Heather administers medication and provides a warm, safe environment where our dogs thrive. The setting is perfect–a huge grassy fenced-in area, along with a separate, spacious home for the dogs.

Penny and Iggy

Penny does not trust many people, but Heather has become one of those people.